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Completed Research Projects

  1. To evaluate the efficacy of a probiotic drink containing Lactobacillus casei on levels of periodontopathic bacteria in chronic periodontitis- A clinico –microbiological study
  2. Comparative evaluation of glucose level in gingival crevicular blood ,GCF and peripheral blood in chronic periodontitis with and without type II diabetes mellitus. A clinico – biochemical study
  3. Estimation of plasma levels of fibrinogen in periodontitis patient. An intervention study
  4. Estimation of plasma homocysteine and folic acid in patients with periodontitis. A case control study
  5. Clinical and radiological evaluation of irradiated allogenic bone graft (RMTB ™) in the  treatment of intrabony defects
  6. Comparative evaluation of gingival depigmentation by diode laser versus cryosurgery using liquid nitrogen
  7. A comparative evaluation of total antioxidant levels in saliva of smokers and nonsmokers with chronic periodontitis. A clinic-biochemical study
  8. Comparative evaluation of doxycycline with and without nanohydrogel as LDD in treatment of periodontal pocket
  9. Estimation of lipid peroxidation levels and superoxide dimutase activity in gingival tissue extracts of chronic periodontitis- A clinico biochemical study
  10. Comparative evaluation of cone–beam computed tomography versus direct surgical measurements in the diagnosis of mandibular molar furcation involvement
  11. Comparative evaluation of 2% turmeric extract with nanocal and 1% chlorhexidine gel as an adjunct to scaling and root planning in patients with chronic periodontitis. A clinico – microbiological study
  12. Estimation of the levels of salivary macrophage inflammatory protein -1α and monocyte chemo protein-1 in periodontal health and disease. A clinico biochemical study
  13. Evaluation of hepatocyte growth factor levels in saliva of smokers and non smokers with chronic periodontitis before and after surgical periodontal therapy. A clinico biochemical study
  14. Comparison of two commercially available dentrifices , one containing herbal extracts and the other containing triclosan : A  clinico microbiological study
  15. To evaluate the effect of scaling and root planning combined with indocynanin green- mediated photodynamic therapy in the treatment of chronic periodontits. A clinico microbiological study
  16. Comparison and co relation of salivary C-Reactive Protein and calprotectin as biochemical markers of periodontal disease. A cross sectional study
  17. To evaluate the clinical and esthetic outcome of human chorionic membrane allograft with coronally advanced flap in the arrangement of isolated gingival recession
  18. Estimation and co relation of salivary human β defensin 2 and IL-1 β expression profiles in chronic periodontitis . A cross sectional study
  19. Estimation and co relation of salivary resistin levels and serum insulin resistance in patients with chronic periodontitis A case control study
  20. To compare and evaluate the efficacy of two piezoelectric ultrasonic scalers with hand instrumentation . A profilometric and SEM study
  21. Comparative evaluvation of subgingival occurrence and biofilm forming properties of candida albicans and non candida albicans species in healthy and chronic periodontitis patients . An observational study
  22. To evaluate the efficacy of probiotic chewable tablets containing lacto bacillus rewteri as an adjuct in the management of chronic periodontitis – an interventional prospective study
  23. Effect of SRP in salivary and serum plasminogen activator inhibitor -1 and α 2 macroglobulin levels in cp and type II diabetes mellitus – interventional comparative study
  24. Evaluation of the effect of scaling and root planing on salivary and serum fetuin-A levels in patients with chronic periodontitis.
  25. Novabone TM dental putty as a potential regenerative material for treating horizontal defects in chronic periodontitis patients.
  26. Clinical and radiographic evaluation of irradiated allogenic bone graft (RMTBTM) in the treatment of intrabony defects in patients with chronic periodontitis.
  27. Evaluation of regenerative potential of autologous platelet rich fibrin in horizontal bone defects in chronic periodontitis patients.
  28. Assessment of the knowledge about the adverse effect of smoking on periodontal health and attitude towards smoking among IT professionals in bangalore- A cross sectional survey.
  29. Knowledge, attitude, and misconception on periodontal disease among IT professional in bangalore -A cross sectional study.
  30. Awareness, knowledge and practice about the association between diabetes mellitus and periodontitis among the health care providers – A cross sectional study.
  31. Comparative evaluation of Antifungal activity of Green Coffee and Green Tea extract against Candida Albicans- An In Vitro Study.
  32. Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of Pro- Argin containing desensitizing toothpaste versus mouth wash- An Invitro Study.
  33. Evaluation of the efficacy of calcium phosphosilicate bioactive glass in combination with autologous platelet rich fibrin (PRF) in the treatment of horizontal bone defects in periodontitis.
  34. Comparison of salivary and serum sTWEAK levels before and after scaling and root planing in patients with periodontitis with and without type 2 diabetes mellitus.
  35. Evaluation of the efficacy of lactobacillus rhamnosus gg as an adjuvant to scaling and root planing in patients with periodontitis.
  36. Evaluation of the efficacy of injectable PRF for gingival augmentation in thin gingival phenotype- An Experimental Study.
  37. Evaluation of antibacterial activity of Andrographolide extract against Porphyromonas Gingivalis- An In Vitro Study.
  38. Plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 Gene expression in patients with periodontitis and type II Diabetes Mellitus- A Cross Sectional Study.
  39. Subgingival Delivery of Bifidobacterium Gel Versus Tetracycline as an adjunct to scaling and root planning- A Randomized Control trial.
  40. Evaluation of Red Cell distribution width in smokers and non smokers with periodontitis – A Cross Sectional Study.
  41. Evaluation of inhibitory effect of Brominated Furanones on LuxS gene expression in Fusobacterium Nucleatum- An Invitro Study.
  42. Formulation and evaluation of periodontal in situ probiotic gel (Bifidobacterium Animalis subsps Lactis 2 X 199CFU/g)- An In vitro Study.

Ongoing research projects

1. Estimation and Correlation of 1,5-Anhydroglucitol in saliva and serum of Periodontitis patients with and without Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus- A cross sectional analytical study
2. Comparative efficacy of local subgingival application of injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin and (-)-Epigallocatechin Gallate gel as an adjunt to scaling and root planing: As an adjunct to scaling and root planing: A Randomized controlled clinical Trial.
3. Evaluation of osteocalcin level in Gingival Crevicular Fluid in Periodontal intrabony defects treated with autologous Platelet Rich Fibrin- a non-randomized experimental study
4. Prevalence of smoking among dental students in Bangalore – a questionnaire based cross sectional study.
5. Prevalence and severity of gingival recession and root surface concavities in hospital based population in Bangalore – a cross–sectional study.
6. The impact of covid-19 pandemic on stress level and its association with gingival and periodontal status of nursing staffs of an institution: a cross –sectional study.
7. Comparative evaluation of antimicrobial activity of licorice ( glycyrrhiza glabra linn) and quercetin extracts against porphyromonas gingivalis – an in vitro study
8. Comparative evaluation of injectable platelet rich fibrin – advanced platelet rich fibrin mixture and hyaluronic acid in treatment of gingival black triangles
9. Efficacy of non-surgical application of injectable platelet rich fibrin in the treatment of Nordland and Tarnow class I and class II papilla.
10. A clinical evaluation of autologous platelet rich fibrin in combination with tetracycline in the treatment of horizontal bone defect with intramarrow penetration in periodontics – a split mouth clinical comparative study.