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Strategies and Functions


It is prepared for achieving the vision. In our institution we have planned for the next five years. In order to achieve vision, mission has to be carried out. To carry out the mission strategic planning is required. It includes about the necessary resources like infrastructure, finance, time, guidance etc.


Activities, Facilities and Resources
  • To plan for the improvement of facilities in the institution so that research activities can be carried out without any hindrance. Equipped with the knowledge obtained through research, quality care can be afforded to the society by the institution as well as by the students.
  • To plan for obtaining more research grants.
  • To plan for collaborative activities with industries and research centers.
  • To schedule the value added programs and CDE programs.
  • To plan for the procurement of state of the art equipments for conducting research.
  • To plan for upgrade and purchase of advanced ICT tools required for improvement in teaching and learning process.
  • To plan for installing ERP in order to achieve e-governance.
  • To plan for collaboration with leading research labs and academic institutions.
  • To plan for Integrated Library Management System.


  • IQAC reviews the curriculum delivery periodically and ensures that the whole curriculum is taught within the stipulated time.
  • The curriculum offered by a university may not be sufficient to offer the required knowledge about the ever changing scenario in technology and treatment protocol. Therefore it is required to modify the curriculum which is not possible to implement. To overcome this problem add on courses and value added courses are given. IQAC coordinates with all the departments and facilitates them to identify the courses and conduct them in a planned manner.
  • IQAC has organized research programmes, conferences, workshops, Seminar, Continuing dental education programs etc.
  • The IQAC takes the Feedback on curriculum, analyses the report, and suggests the necessary action plan to be taken, submit it to the governing council for further approval and necessary action.
  • IQAC reviews the experimental set up of clinical skills lab and suggests improvements regarding the display of various charts, models, etc.
  • IQAC monitors the internal examination system and ensures that they are conducted in