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Research Grants

Research Projects

Year Name of the Principal Investigator Title of the project Name of the Funding Agency Type (Government/Non-Government) Department of Principal Investigator Year of Award
2020 -21 Jessica Maria J Efficacy Of Extract Oc Curcuma Amada On Streptococcus Mutans RGUHS Government Oral Pathology 2021
2020 -21 Aneek Mukherjee Efficacy Of Anti-Fingal Property Of Extract Of Dahlia Pinnata On Candida Albicans RGUHS Government Oral Pathology 2021
2020 -21 Sirisha N Reddy Spectrophotometer Assisted Evaluation Of Commercially Available Fluoridated Mouthwashes On The Fluoride Recharge And Release Of Glass Ionomer Cements-An Vitro Study RGUHS Government Conservative  and Endodontics 2021
2020 -21 Ranita Mukherjee Effects Of Mouthrinses On Color Stability Of Four Different Composites An Vitro Spectrophotometeric Analysis RGUHS Government Conservative  and Endodontics 2021
2020 -21 Matheen Shariff Evaluation Of Anti-Cariogenic Effect Of Solanum Sisymbriifolium Extract On Streptoccus Mutans RGUHS Government Oral Pathology 2021
2019-20 Subhasmita Assesment Of Geriatric Patients  Prosthetic Needs And Status  Visiting Vydehi Institute RGUHS Government Prosthodontics 2019
2019-20 Kritika Color Stability Of Various Acrylic Teeth Exposed To  Coloring Solutions And Cleaning Agent-An Vitro Study RGUHS Government Prosthodontics 2019
2019-20 Aishwarya Effect Of Nystatin And Moringa With Nystatin Incorporated Into Tissue Conditioner On Colonisation And Inhibition  Of Candida Albicans And Streptococcus RGUHS Government Prosthodontics 2019