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Research Projects

  • Evaluation of fluoride release and uptake from the new Zirconia reinforced cement in comparison with four fluoride releasing restorative materials- an in vitro study. Dr Shreya Banerjee, Dr Sapna Jyoti, Dr Pavan B Tambakkad.
  • Comparative evaluation of a Giomer based pit and fissure sealant and a moisture tolerant resin based pit and fissure sealant- and in vivo study. Dr Heba Ansari, Dr Jaya Naidu.
  • Comparative evaluation of shear bond strength and flexural strength of new zirconia reinforced glass ionomer cement with commonly used glass ionomer cements used in atraumatic restorative treatment- an in vitro study. Dr Pritha Bhattacharya, Dr Jaya Naidu, Dr Pavan B Tambakkad.
  • A comparative evaluation of pH, ion release and apatite forming ability to assess bioactivity of a novel bioactive resin restorative dental material with a contemporary dental material – a multiparametric in-vitro study. Dr Sneha Sankar, Dr Jaya Naidu.
  • A comparative evaluation of remineralizing capacity of primary versus permanent teeth using EnaFix and GC tooth mousse between – an in vitro study. Dr Barilangki Bamon, Dr Sujay Kumar B, Dr Sapna Jyoti, Dr Jaya Naidu.
  • A comparative evaluation of shear bond strength of Embrace Wetbond TM pit and fissure sealant with or without the use of a universal dental adhesive (ScotchbondTM Universal Adhesive) using different bonding protocols-a multiparametric invitro study. Dr Swathy Raj S, Dr Jaya Naidu.
  • A comparative evaluation of sorption, solubility and flexural strength of a novel bioactive iconic resin based luting cements with two contemporary luting cements- a multiparametric in vitro study. Dr Joyce Pinky Mendonsa, Dr Jaya Naidu.
  • Comparative evaluation of viscosity, volumetric shrinkage, microleakage and penetration depth of two hydrophilic and a contemporary hydrophobic pit and fissure sealant- a multiparametric in vitro study. Dr Ann Sonnet, Dr Jaya Naidu.
  • Comprative assessment of antibacterical activity of Zinc oxide eugenol, Zinc oxide thyme oil, Zinc oxide peppermint oil and zinc oxide oregano oil against four common endodontic pathogens- An in vitro study. Dr. Shwetha N.S, Dr Manju M.
  • Comparative evaluation of the effect on enamel solubility and remineralising potential following surface treatment with fluoride alone varnish and two fluoride varnishes containing calcium and phosphate additives- An in vitro study. Dr Sanketh Karanth, Dr Jaya Naidu.
  • Comparative evaluation of the shear bond strength of four commercially available glass ionomer restorative materials on primary teeth- An in vitro study.Dr Indushree MB, Dr Sujay Kumar B, Dr Jaya Naidu.

Short Studies

  • Assessment of the impact on oral health of children on eating habits and oral hygiene practices during COVID 19 pandemic- A cross sectional parental survey. Dr M Divya , Dr Jaya Naidu, Dr Sujay Kumar B, Dr Umadevi E, Dr Jerin Mary Issac.
  • Assessment of parental perception of children’s oral health and access to oral health care services in Bengaluru city during the COVID 19 pandemic- A cross sectional survey.Dr Classique Pattnaik, Dr Jaya Naidu, Dr Sujay Kumar B, Dr Umadevi E, Dr Jerin Mary Issac.


CDE on “The Ticking Time bomb- Work related Musculoskeletal Disorders in Dental Healthcare Professionals.” March 7th 2020.

Speakers: Dr Suresha Kodapala, Professor & Incharge HOD, Department of Neurology, VIMS & RC, Bengaluru, provided an overview on the topic: Work related Musculoskeletal disorders involving the upper limb and lower back- Insight into the Symptoms, Diagnosis and Medical Intervention strategies.

Dr Mythili Kalladka, Diplomate American Board of Orofacial Pain, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Eastman Institute of Oral Health, Rochester, New York, USA, spoke about Managing head and neck pain and understanding occupational risk factors for Musculoskeletal disorders.

Mr Joshua Samuel R, Consultant Physiotherapist and Ergonomist ,  spoke for 2 sessions on the topics-Physical and Psychosocial management strategies – self-help Vs professional advice and Committing to fitness- A hands on approach.

The CDE program was attended by the faculty and post graduate students from diverse branches of dentistry from 11 colleges, with a total 246 participants.

CDE On Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnoea-Raising Awareness for Rising Concerns. December 13th 2016.

Speakers: The featured speakers included Dr Sapna Varma M.K, Professor & HOD, Department of orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics, School of Dentistry, Kochi, who spoke on the topic Diagnosis and management of obstructive sleep apnoea – A dental perspective.

Dr Hemanth M, Professor & HOD Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics,Dayananda Sagar College, Bengaluru , on the topic: Sleep bruxism- A comprehensive overview.

Dr.K.R Bharath Kumar Reddy director & CEO, Shishuka Children’s Speciality Hospital, Bengaluru, who spoke for 2 sessions on the topics Understanding Sleep and Its Consequences in Children and Sleep study – What the dentist needs to know.

Total Participants:  112 Delegates + 09 Organizing Committee Members= 121.

Total Number of Colleges: 11