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Completed Research

  1.  Evaluation of new nano filled bonding agent for bonding orthodontic brackets as compared tom a conventional bonding agent- an in vitro study
  2. Evaluation of stress caused by mini implants anchorage at varying proximities to the root of the first pre-molar of the mandible – a fem study
  3. A comparative evaluation of penetration depths & bond strengths with laser irradiation & conventional acid etching _ an invitro study
  4. A finite element analysis of t-loop geometry on forces, moments in group a anchorage cases
  5.  Assessment of safe zones for orthodontic mini implants at common placement sites in different dentoskeletal patterns – a comparitive study.
  6.  Effects of flouride prophylactic agents on the mechanical properties and surface charcteristics of orthodontic arch wires-an invitro study.
  7.  Comparison of manual and digital cephalometric tracing and derivation of cogs analysis norms for karnataka population using cephalometric software.
  8. Effects of labial and lingual retraction and intrusion force on maxillary central incisor with varying collum angles – a 3 dimensional finite element analysis.
  9.  Validity of visual vector relationship for the clinical assessment of anterior malar projection and changes observed in face mask therapy patients-a retrospective study.
  10.  Correlation between tooth mineralization using CBCT and mp3 as a diagnostic tool for assessment of skeletal maturity-a radiographic study.
  11. Extraction of first premolars, second premolars versus non-extraction on mandibular third molar angulation-a radiographic study.
  12. Effects of intrusive and retraction force in labial and lingual orthodontics with varying alveolar bone level-a 3 dimensional finite element study.
  13. To assess the efficiency of four remineralizing agents for resolution of white spot lesions -an in vitro study.
  14.  Comparison of effects of sandblasting before orthophosphoric acid etching on buccal and lingual enamel- an in vitro roughness assessment.
  15. Comparison of shear bond strength, bonding time and adhesive residue index(ari) of a flash free bonding system-an in vitro study.
  16. Morphologic evaluation of the incisive canal and its proximity to the maxillary central incisors in different skeletal patterns using computed tomography images.
  17.  Optimal force magnitude loaded to two different orthodontic micro implants-a finite element analysis.
  18.  Effect of twin-block appliance in component upper airway volume among class ii growing patients: a CBCT study.
  19. Comparision of vertical open loop, opus loop and t loop for anterior and canine retraction -a 3d finite element method.
  20.  A comparative Evalution of stresses on adjacent teeth during traction of left palatally impacted canine using palatal and buccal springs.
  21. Effect of the hyrax expander screw on stress distribution in the maxilla in different vertical and anteroposterior position: a finite element method.
  22. Awareness of dental hygiene among patients visiting the department of orthodontics: a questionnaire study.
  23.  A comparative study of awareness of orthodontics among medical, dental and nursing students of vydehi institute of medical, dental and nursing sciences and research center.
  24. Gic colored bite blocks.
  25. Simplified and effective appliance to alleviate deleterious oral habits.
  26.  Force degradation of orthodontic extra-oral elastics: an in-vivo study.

Ongoing Research

  1.  Quantitative analysis of enamel on various debonded orthodontic brackets bonded with different adhesives – a comparative scanning electron microscope study
  2. Evaluation and comparison of volumetric changes in the palate between pre-and post-retraction using various methods – a cross-sectional study.
  3. Comparing efficacy of manual tooth brush, powered toothbrush, sonic toothbrush,oral irrigator and sonic pic on oral hygiene status among patients undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment; an in-vivo study
  4. Evaluation of correlation between vertical cephalometric parameters and total body height- a cross sectional study
  5. Long term effects of active orthodontic treatment on cortical bone quality and trabecular pattern.
  6. Awareness and perception of orthodontic treatment using clear aligners therapy among medical professionals.
  7. Prevalence of traumatic ulcers in conventional metal, metal self-ligating, conventional ceramic, ceramic self-ligating brackets and aligners- a prospective comparative study.

  8. Evaluation of the effects of an active orthodontic therapy on bone quality and micro architecture of pretreatment, post treatment and post retention period using three scale visual analysis, fractal dimension and Gray scale histogram quantification- a cross sectional radiographic study.