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CDE programmes:

    1. Conducted CDE programme on 28.01. 2010 on: “oral mucosal lesions” by Dr. K.S Ganapathy; “Cardiac disorders: what a oral clinicians should know?” By Dr. L Sridhar, “CT-MRI imaging of head and neck region” by Dr. Radhesh
    2. Conducted CDE programme on 01.08.2013 on: “principles of radiographic interpretations of Head and neck in CT and MRI” by Dr. Ram Prakash, “basics of radiotherapy” by Dr. Geetha S Narayanan and “Workshop on IMRT” by Mr. Sowmya Narayana
    3. Clinical meet conducted on
      1.Orofacial pain, diagnosis in misdiagnosis by Dr. Mythili K on 25.06.2008
      2.Importance of diagnosis- role of oral clinician by Dr. Padmashree S on 28.12.2009
      3.Ameloblastic carcinoma of retromolar region by Dr. Mahesh BS and Dr. Sharadha on 22.01.2010
    4. Comprehensive management of malignant lesions of maxillary sinus: 2 case reports by Dr. Chaitra Ramprakash and Dr. Satish Kumar on 04.09.2012
    5. Diagnosis and management of salivary gland disorders by Dr. Meher Saba and Dr. Alpana Talukdar on 26.06.2013
    6. Applications of CBCT in dentistry: an overview by Dr. Hima John and Dr. Lekshmy J on 23.12.2015
    7. Vesiculobullous lesions- A clinician’s perspective by Dr. Sayyad Zohab Hassan I and Dr. Ayesha N on 22.12.2015
    8. Fibrous Dysplasia-Case series, Clinical and Radiological Presentation by Dr.Jyotsna T.R & Dr.Swati Garg on 30.1.2018
    9. Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery and Oral Pathology- OOO meet will be conducted once in month.

    Undergraduate students:

    III BDS:

    1. Weekly one theory class will be conducted
    2. Students are posted from 2 pm to 4pm during which, discussions will held on various theory topics, training for outpatient checking and demonstration and teaching Intraoral periapical radiographic technique
    3. Posting end test will be conducted at the end of each clinical posting.

    IV BDS:

    1. Weekly 2 theory classes will be conducted
    2. Students are posted in the clinics from 10 am to 1 pm, during which discussions will held on various theory topics, training for out patient checking and demonstration and teaching Intraoral periapical radiographic technique, bitewing radiography, occlusal radiography.
    3. 10 long cases, 25 pathological radiographs, 2 bitewing radiographs and 2 occlusal radiographs will be taken by the students and discussed.
    4. Posting end test will be conducted at the end of each clinical posting.
    5. Three theory internal assessments are conducted.


    1. Interns will be posted in oral medicine clinics and radiology
    2. Seminar presentations, full mouth radiographs and panoramic radiographs.

    Postgraduate students:

    1. Diagnosis and medical management of oral lesions, orofacial pain, temperomandibular diseases, and other oral and maxillofacial pathologies.
    2. Training in Intraoral, extraoral radiograpghy and CBCT scanning of maxillofacial region.
    3. Seminar presentations, journal club presentations, case discussions are routinely done
    4. Peripheral postings in the department of General Radiology, Oncology, Dermatology, ENT, Emergency medicine, General Medicine, and Forensic Medicine.
    5. Training for paper and poster presentations in various national and international conferences.

    Research Work Done By Post Graduates

    1. Dr. Mahesh B.S-A comparative study of intra oral periapical radiographic E-speed film and radiovisography (RVG) for detection of incipient proximal caries(2009-2012)
    2. Dr. Sharda Rathod– Oral mucosal lesions and microbial changes in breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy(2009-2012)
    3. Dr. Chaitra H. Ramprakash-Trabecular pattern in mandible as an indicator of osteoporosis in post menopausal women- A radiological study(2010-2013)
    4. Dr. Satish Kumar– Correlation of salivary glucose levels and candidal carriage in saliva of type 2 diabetic patients(2010-2013)
    5. Dr. Alpana Talukdar– Evaluation of salivary cortisol levels in cigarette smokers- A case control study(2011-2014)
    6. Dr. Mehar Saba SJ-Evaluation of the effects of local stimulation and transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation on parotid saliva flow- A comparative study(2011-2014)
    7. Dr. Hima John V– Association of Periodontitis elevated C reactive protein levels and acute myocardial infarction – A case control study. (2012-2015)
    8. Dr. Lekshmy J– Median rhomboid glossitis and its possible association with candida in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients- A case control study(2012-2015)
    9. Dr. Ayesha N-The Influence Of Handheld Mobile Phones On Flow Rate And Protein Concentration Of Human Parotid Saliva- A Cross Sectional Study(2013-2016)
    10. Dr. Sayyad zohabhasan Innus– Radiographic Evaluation Of Third Molar Development As An Indicator Of Chronological Age By Demirjian And Kohlers Methods In Indian Population – A Comparative Study.(2013-2016)
    11. DrNandita Bhomik:Sexual dimorphism of bizygomatic distance and maxillary sinus in Indian population using Cone beam computed tomography- an observational study(2014-2017)
    12. DrAshmeer Malik: expression of salivary alkaline phosphatase as a biomarker in potentially malignant and malignant lesions of the oral cavity- an cross sectional study(2014-2017)
    13. Dr. Swati Garg:Estimation of superoxide dismutase and Glutathione peroxidase levels in tobacco chewers and smokers- a comparative study(2015-2018)
    14. DrJyotsna TR:Evaluation of course and visibility of mandibular canal by digital panoramic and CBCT images- a comparative study(2015-2018)
    15. DrShibin Shaju : Evaluation of morphological variations of the nasopalatine canal by cone beam computed tomography(CBCT) – A cross sectional study(2016-2019)
    16. Dr. Asif Pervez Rana: Prevalence of softtissue calcifications on digital panoramic radiographs – A cross sectional study (2016-2019.
    17. Dr. Nakul BK – Evaluation and comparision of grey scale value measurements of normal bone, odontogenic cyst and odontogenic tumors of maxillofacial region using CBCT images: a cross sectional study (2018-2020)
    18. Dr. Priyangboda roy – Assessment of position and depth of impacted maxillary third molar using conebeam computed tomography: retrospective radiographic study.
    19. Dr.Nikitha.S – Evaluation of salivary pH, buffering capacity and salivary flow rate in patients with end stage renal failure undergoing hemodialysis  (2020-2022)
    20. Dr. Divya G Nair – Age estimation and gender determination based on pulp cavity volume of maxillary central incisor and canine using CBCT and development and validation of formula for Indian population – A  Cross sectional study.
    21. Dr. Shalini – Comparative evaluation of salivary ph, flow rate,buffer capacity and dental and oral manifestations in patients with gastoesophageal  reflux disease and healthy controls-A  Cross sectional study.